We thought about how young adults leaving High School are usually not taught enough about managing their finances. We hope that this application could help people improve their spending habits and better manage finances.

What it does

This application is designed to help people increase their financial literacy. There is a calculator to help manage expenses and an interactive fiction game to test knowledge of financial literacy

How we built it

We built the site using NodeJS, the Pug templating engine (formerly Jade), Bootstrap, and we deployed the game on Heroku and Google Cloud.

The financial literacy interactive game was written in JavaScript and HTML, and styled via CSS. Another feature we incorporated into our app was something called Dedalus. This is a creation tool that gave us more efficient ways to code. We did run into some challenges that will be discussed below.

Challenges we ran into

Had difficulty deploying views written in the pug templating engine on Google Cloud, so we decided to deploy that part of the application on Heroku. The interactive fiction game is JavaScript and HTML, and we had difficulty getting the Pug templates and plain HTML to work together. The game in HTML is deployed to Google Cloud, and the rest of the application is on Heroku.

The functions of Dedalus gave us new and easier ways to display and format text. However, some of these functions for some reason interfered with a handful of core HTML/JavaScript abilities. The code could be typed correctly, but would not work because of an interference we could not discover.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the app deployed and to a usable and presentable point is something we are proud of. We hope a polished product will be able to be useful for people to track their finances.

What we learned

We became familiar with NodeJS applications and JavaScript. Getting cloud applications to work together was also interesting to learn about.

What's next for Financial Literacy App

Implementing database support so users can save their calculated budgets and use the application as a way to help better manage finances.

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