The financial literacy gap between youth and adulthood can have a crucial impact on an important transitional time of their lives. One’s financial habits can make or break the individual future plans due to the limitations one’s credit history can have; whether it is pursuing post-secondary education or purchase their first home. Positive financial habits can impact the long term well-being of the individual.

In light of the detrimental impact on our environment from humans causing global warming, deforestation and air pollution we plant a new tree for every 100 trees in our user's forest.

What it does

Forest is the user's credit score. A new sapling is planted each month to represent the start of a new credit cycle With each purchase under the credit limit, we record and track the receipts using Google Vision API to total the monthly statement owed for that card (that tree) At the end of each month, if the credit spends is less than the limit AND gets paid back before the deadline, a new mature tree is added to the forest, increasing credit score/forest health. If it spending is over the limit or it is not paid in time, the sapling is planted in a chopped/withers state to illustrate the permanent impact on credit score/ forest health.


Clear communication Shared direction and goal among team Version control Scalability and extension of products


Scalable Google App Engine (Host and Publish WebApp) Google Cloud Platform & Vision API for the option to upload images of receipts and used label detection to scrape for the total amount paid HTML and CSS front end supporting both mobile and web applications Javascript and node.js/express backend And many other frameworks and libraries ...


Version control Distributing work Google Vision API integration Connecting the front end and the back end

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Challenges Seeking to Compete In: Google Cloud Platform ( Vision API, App Engine) Google Cloud API Financial Literacy for Women Financial Management TD Green Best Design Perfect Pitch Bell Well-being Use of Domain

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