Currently all the closing activities are manual and the activities/tasks are in the spreadsheets which are updated manually after the completion of each task by the each user. There is no central monitoring tool of the close progress so we have come together to make this easier and we call it the Financial Closing Cockpit(FCC).

What it does

FCC helps to speed up the most complex closing cycles, while meeting regulatory requirements and financial reporting standards.This also increases user efficiency through centralized monitoring. This makes the process more controlled and enhances automation.

How we built it

We used SAP tools and Angular with Higcharts for building the tool.

Challenges we ran into

Integration between multiple systems was one of the issue we faced while building the project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Team collaboration was one great-experience as we were working together being in different time-zones.

What we learned

API Build , FCC configuration and Highcharts are the tools we got a chance to work with.

What's next for Financial Closing Cockpit

We look forward to make the following enhancements: Build metrics to identify the bottlenecks in the business process. Build RPA to automate the time consuming process Better visualization for the Document statuses.

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