During the pandemic, everyone's financial situation has taken a hit. By using this financial calculator we are able to calculate our finances make sure we stay safe financially even after all our expenses.

What it does

It allows you to enter your monthly income and expenses, then tells you how much money you have left.

How we built it

We built a website using Flask, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We then deployed it using Heroku.

Challenges we ran into

Since it was our first time using Heroku by ourselves, it was difficult to figure out how to do it. Eventually we did figure it out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are all amateur programmers, so we were proud to make a project like this.

What we learned

We learned that planning is very important to making a successful project. If we had planned better, we would have been able to make a better project.

What's next for Financial Calculator

We hope we can use the lessons we learned from this project in our future projects.

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