I'm interested in computer generated music. Additionally, the FINRA challenge provided a motivation to combine financial information and music.

What it does

Key based on first letter of stock symbol
Overall trend is down -> key is minor
Overall trend up -> key is major
Day to day change is negative -> moves to minor chord
Day to day change is positive -> moves to major chord
Larger changes typically result in stronger progressions, i.e. movement by fifths and fourths vs. seconds and thirds or to diminshed vs minor seconds and thirds
Volume is proportional to the relative trading volume of the day
Can change how much data you want to hear with length parameter
Can change temp with quarter note parameter

How I built it


Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Makes pretty cool songs.

What I learned

Grabing financial data from the internet and using python to generate sounds.

What's next for Financial Cadences

More variations in sound.

Built With

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