What happens after? College is expensive and it usually accumulates a lot of debt but what do these numbers mean? There are so many things about being an adult that aren't taught in school. We wanted to create something for youth that was both fun and engaging well providing them with the financial knowledge they would need as an adult.

What it does

Financial Blitz is a computer game that asks users true/false questions surrounding financial literature. Users will have 60 seconds to answer as many questions as they can, achieving a point to every right answer.

How I built it

Financial Blitz was created in visual-studio using C++ and parts of the provided code from the ubigame.

Challenges I ran into

Out of the 4 of us on our team, only one team member was familiar with C++. With this language barrier, starting our project was extremely difficult. The game code provided to us did not fit what we wanted to convey in our game so we were forced to think outside the box and try to code something relatively new to our knowledge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of the overall game produced. Not only was it a new language for many of us but it was also a new approach to creating a true/false question bank into a interactive computer game. As well, we our proud of our overall ability to work together and create our project in a time constricted scenario with the limited knowledge on creating games we had.

What I learned

Apart from the technical aspects of learning how to code in C++ and creating a working computer game, we learned how to vitalize each of our skills and work together as a team to produce our project having only met this morning.

What's next for Financial Blitz

Financial Blitz has a lot of room for expanding and creating a even better learning system for youth. Adding a end of game results list, could allow users to track which questions they got right and which ones they needed more work on, allowing the user to better maximize their learning.

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