With a lack of financial calculators/budgeting assistance tools we decided to create something that would help

It accumulates data from the user to analyze and judge what decisions should be made as well as help keep track of data that is very useful to know in financial literacy.

We built this project using JAVA through the Eclipse and Microsoft VS Code IDEs. Using an inheritance structure and several packages from a common library we were able to create methods that analyze data received

While creating this application we wanted to create a full front-end section to format the outputs as an app that can be put into mobile devices and a website, however, we were unable to successfully implement these features.

We are proud that we were able to create a tool that can be so versatile and have many applications in future projects that may be more complex

We learned a lot about implementing packages and utilizing methods from packages given in common libraries. It helped enhance our efficiency and build a more effective product.

The next Financial Assistance Tool is a version that includes a space for listing stock market investments and keeps a live track on how the stocks are performing and whether or not it is a good time to buy/sell.

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