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As seniors going into college, our team realized that we can no longer simply just ask our parents for money or spend it frivolously. However, we are still growing teenagers with a lot of life lesson to learn so wanted an app that could help us and we realized that we could make something utilized by everyone. We wanted an easy way to keep track of our expenses and help us make profitable decisions.

What it does

Financia is the epitome of a financial tracker. It provides an easy way to upload incomes and expenses in such a way that our app shows graphs of your budget and an understandable way. With a clean design, the user cannot be confused. Furthermore, with any remaining money our application makes stock predictions and gives a variety of stocks which the user can invest it to make profits. It mentions variability, current price, and risk factors to fully inform the user. We top off the application with two novel implementations: a new secure way to use your credit card and Amazon Alexa. We make a direct transaction between merchants and customers to make sure there is minimal leeway for hacking. The Amazon Alexa increases the ease of access with skills and conversations between the users such that they can remind themselves of their budget and update their portfolio remotely.

How we built it

We used a Flask backend for easy setup and organization with SQLAlchemy as our primary database method. Using, our front end developers were able to see the fruition of our project simultaneously while developing it. Using Bootstrap libraries we were able to utilize graphic designs for our charts and graphs, updating them dynamically in real time. We utilized tensorflow and scraping for our stock algorithm and Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Platforming to setup data which Alexa could access. Finally we used and Stripe for Credit Card security and verification.

Challenges we ran into

Developing a sophisticated user interface took quite a long time since we had to optimize every portion. Pull code from bootstrap, other APIs, and manipulate them to fit our needs. Furthermore the graphs took a lot of data manipulation pulling and pushing data into the backend and just forming the graphs. Using a Node io service with Flask We overcame this problem by setting up a team-standard on keywords, ids, and how to develop the code as well as plan on paper how our back end was set up. Alexa also took quite some time since we needed to perfect our backend. This way we could all work together simultaneously on the code through C9 and push to Github so we could run it locally.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of finishing an Alexa Skill that works alongside a web and mobile app. We are also proud of our stock analysis algorithm and creating a revolutionary new way for credit card security directly from vendor to customer.

What we learned

Front end development can seem easy, but delicate mistakes can cause major issues in code along with differences across multiple platforms. Additionally, a big issue for us was creating to work properly for a major feature of our application. We eventually learned to fix as well as the couple of issues in the front end.

What's next for Financia

Whats next: In the future we would like to improve our stock analysis based on the accuracy of our current predictions for the future. We would like to also integrate bank accounts and a way to transfer money from user to user.

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