Each of our team members knows the struggles of an entrepreneur and have run small businesses, we understand that access to capital can make or break your business. Taking your dream company to a failed idea within days, not having enough money for payroll or to order your next round of inventory are terrible obstacles to face. is a non-profit organization that connects business owners to potential sources of capital. We screen the business through questionnaires to determine the perfect source of capital to address their specific needs. The financial institutions are charged a minimal fee to access the information of the business which is then donated to support student entrepreneurs at the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship. Not only do we help determine the right source of capital we also provide access to tailored information to their business circumstance and stage. Ensuring all of our business owners have access to the education and capital required to succeed within their industry.

What it does is a web application that asks questions about your business model, financial data, and top management to provide access to potential sources of capital for your endeavors. Additionally, we provide education that is specific to your companies stage so you can make the right decisions when it matters most.

How we built it

We started by creating a Google cloud server, then leveraged Firebase to create the back-end of the solution. That also allowed us to streamline the build process of creating an IOS app and Android app, to be sideloaded along with the Web-app. Allowing for the questionnaire to be loaded on all platforms and have all of the data collected be in one place and parsed based on identical algorithms.

Challenges we ran into

The main issue that we ran into during the build process was synching the backend of Firebase with the frontend of Angular and Node.js. In addition to one of the team members never coding before. We ran into so many errors and bugs that we have never encountered so we had to adapt on the fly!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

At the end of the hackathon everyone is now more comfortable coding in a fast-paced environment. Along with being able to bring together front-end and back-end together in a short period of times. We accessed multiple API's and was able to set up automated workflows that pulled information from databases to send dynamic emails. We are very proud of the team culture we had and the amazing people we met!

What we learned

We learned so much during this project, at first we were completely lost, some of us had no idea what git or an API was and as time went on we were able to create and test multiple iterations. None of us had been to a hackathon before so this was a huge learning curve, especially since one teammate was not technical. Even so, everyone contributed and was able to be part of the success of the team.

What's next for

Coming up for us is to continue to build upon the platform and increase the flow of the information between the parties. In addition, finding additional users and partners to allow the platform to expand and continue to do good in the community. Then we will transition into leveraging machine learning to perfect the process of offering to fund to those in need by reading and quantifying plain text in the application and supporting documents to make more informed decisions

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