In India, the government has introduced many grants and aids to help develop the lower and middle class of the society. But in practicality these citizens contribute to the labourer and working class, they are too busy to earn money to feed their families for the. night. They do not have the time to visit the clerical offices to access and utilize this information. So we decided to make a web application which would provide financial literacy to them. This also helps in eradicating the third-party or broker-commission practices prevailing in Indian Market. Our project integrated two major parts. One shows the statistics of your finance management, helping you optimize your money spending and saving habits and the other calculates your eligibility and informs you for the most suitable grant or aid you can apply to.

What it does, how we built it

During user registration, we ask for necessary user information We aimed to use MongoDB for the backend, storing the information. The information would thus be extracted from the database using pymongo, we calculated the grants best fitting for the user profile. We used Gauge Chart Library in Javascript to visualize your spending data. The webpages were designed using HTML, CSS, JS.

What's next for Financely

As majority Indian population is not fluent in English and Hindi being the national language, followed Malyalam, Telugu, Tamil, we plan to use Google’s Natural Language API to translate our website. India is also digitizing monetarily, so we plan to connect our web application with payment apps like PayTM, so that the user does not need to input their spendings manually and their transactions are uploaded automatically. If possible and legal, we would like to connect our application with government’s centralized Aadhar database, so that the user’s eligibility can be authenticated. We also wish to integrate automatic application to the grants, again if possible, in order to eliminate the long, weary procedure.

Challenges we ran into

We could not connect our Database and we could not finish the website completely. And most regrettably, we could not gather our different pieces of code together.

Built With

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