Recently, there's been a large growth of financial applications such as digital wallets and mobile applications for banking. With multiple banks and bank accounts, digital wallets like Venmo, stock applications like Robinhood, cryptocurrency, and credit cards, there are way too many applications to keep track of to even attempt to understand your finances. With the spread of these applications and their ease of access, people also lose track of them with all of the mobile applications they have. People may lose track of their spendings and incomes from various investments so this app would help them to better track their finances.

What it does

It displays information for all of a user's linked financial accounts. It can help a user find out where they're spending a lot of money or how their money is spread across their accounts.

How we built it

We used Android Studio for the mobile app, Firebase for the user login/data storage, Django for the web app, and YAML to try hosting the web application.

Challenges we ran into

Unknown issues with hosting a website using YAML on a Raspberry Pi. We also did not enough access to various forms of API's for different financial information.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The Android Application ended up having a very nice UI and feels nice to use. We also managed to have a login interface that functions on the mobile application.

What we learned

We learned how to use Capital One's API as well as how to use a Raspberry Pi. I also learned a lot from Red Hat about Ansible and it's uses.

What's next for Finance Tracker

We would like to add a lot more API's so that it can track all of a user's financial data. As we do this, we must also ensure it is secure so that our users' financial data won't be compromised. By hosting the website on our own Raspberry Pi, we could make the application much more secure because the data would all be stored on our own database and we'd have more control over it. It would also be cool to improve the backend so that rather than just retrieving the data at a certain point, it could graph a user's accounts and their balances. We also plan on adding a lot of bank API's so people can keep track of any loans, interest rates, and other information all on this one application.

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