Financial literacy and budgeting skills are extremely important to learn from a young age, especially in today's world of online shopping. So, we decided to build a react app that helps increase your financial literacy and budgeting skills by tracking all your expenses and displaying how much you spent, as well as how much you have left to spend. This app is perfect for those that desire their privacy (there’s no need to provide your credit card information). It’s also perfect for younger individuals or those without a credit or debit card, but they still want to keep track of their expenses.

What it does

Financial manager allows you to input your expenses, by selecting the type of expense (cash, credit, or debit), the amount of money spent in the transaction, as well as the category the expense belongs to (for example, groceries, shopping, entertainment, rent, or other). It also displays your budget for the month, and how much money you have remaining to spend for the remainder of the month.

How we built it

We built finance manager by connecting our react frontend to Django, which was in turn linked to our SQL database. We also used python, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS to enhance the functionality and visuals of the app.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges that we ran into included connecting our SQL database to Django, since we are all beginners. However, we persevered through and searched for possible solutions, as well as asking a (very helpful!) mentor for some help. As a result of this challenge however, we are now more aware of the possible errors caused when connecting an SQL database to Django.

What we learned

As a result of this project, we learned how important it is to persevere through a challenge. We faced a few minor setbacks along the way, but decided to persevere and try to find solutions on the internet, or ask mentors for some help. As a result, we are now more resilient in the face of challenge and minor setbacks, and know that it is ok to ask for help when needed.

What's next for Finance Manager

Some next steps for Finance Manager include displaying the statistics from the chart in the form of a pie chart, to allow for a more appealing experience. We also want to add a login page, allowing users to log in and save their expenses with us for a more holistic user experience.

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