Managing your finances is a very boring task. Since, It is such a boring task it is usually ignored and placed on the backburner due to that exact reason

What it does

Finance invader is a fusion between boring Finance management and fun space invaders. Combining the two makes your favourite finance tracker and since its so fun it encourages you to do your finances

How we built it

We used Python to manage the backend data management was done with CSV HTML, CSS and JS was used to make the front end the frame work we used was flask

Challenges we ran into

Time constraints were the biggest challenge we ran into since none of us had experience in the languages it took us longer than we anticipated to write the working code

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing a somewhat working prototype of our idea was something we are proud of. Going through with the idea and finishing the prototype even when we were low on motivation was also something we looked fondly at now that we are done

What we learned

CSS, HTML, JS, CSV and data management

What's next for Finance invaders

Finishing up the Alpha for finance invaders and making a final working prototype

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