Problem we wanted to solve

The problem we are trying to solve is that young children ( specifically elementary students) have a lack of fun educational resources that teach them about the beginner concepts of finance.


Our inspiration came from our campuses. In some of our classes, we would get into discussions about finance and were amazed at how little our classmates knew about it, even though we would have to deal with finances on our own in a few years. We thought about that, and worked on a game to fix that and educate younger students so that they are more prepared then we were.

What it does

Finance Fairytales is a game primarily for elementary students that has a goal to open up the world of finance to a younger audience. It makes learning these new concept fun and exciting while still keep the student entertained while playing.

How we built it

We mainly used the coding language python for the majority of the game. Many of the demo quest and test found throughout the hack are coded in this language. To put our presentation together we used a variety of platforms with our main platform being Canva. Many of our background images came from

Challenges we ran into

Throughout the process of this game, we had to challenge ourselves to learn a language were were not familiar with, python. We also had to learn how to code a game that matches entertainment with education, all the while keeping in mind our audience of elementary students.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We accomplished to create a fun, educational game that builds knowledge of finance that students can use in the future of their lives. Using our experience from previous Hackathons, we were able to make our project look and preform to the best of our abilities.

What we learned

Throughout the development of this game we learned a new coding language for us, python. We also learned how to project ideas to different audiences while still making the content entertaining.

What's next for Finance Fairytales

In the near future we hope to continue to develop and add more quests and challenges for students so that we can continue to increase the amount of concepts you can learn from our game.

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