Seeing the average person struggle to dabble in investments/securities and the professional do unnecessary, extra work to get the data and analysis they need.

What it does

It's a multi-platform (currently Messenger, Google Assistant, Slack) NLP-powered chatbot that retrieves, analyzes, and predicts a variety of financial information in an easy and natural interface. More specifically, it can:

  • add, remove, update, and list securities from a personal portfolio
  • give a written analysis and visual graph of the IVV ETF's performance
  • give the performance of a single stock
  • compare the performance of two stocks
  • describe a hypothetical portfolio (that is, a portfolio that's not the personal one) made of various stocks
  • describe whether the personal portfolio is risky or not

How we built it

High level overview:

  • Node.js for the chatbot
  • PaddlePaddle for ML based predictions/analysis
  • plotly for graphing

Challenges we ran into

  • Navigating Blackrock documentation and making sense of various financial data points & terminology
  • how to use a new ML/DL framework

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • being able to offer various financial features
  • learning how to use a new DL framework in a short period of time (a weekend)

What we learned

  • various financial knowledge
  • a new DL framework

What's next for

  • many more financial features!
  • more support text/voice platforms to interact with the bot over!

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