All college students dread one thing: finals week. Studying for finals is never the same and always stressful. We wanted to make it slightly less so and share the wealth with everyone.

What it does

This program schedules your finals week in three steps:

  1. Assess your finals schedule based on user input
  2. Determine how long you should study for each class based on RateMyProfessor data
  3. Determine when you should study for each course based on the two previous factors

How we built it

First, Python was used to parse data from RateMyProfessor and put the data into MySQL.
Next, Java was used for back-end programming while Javascript was used for front-end
Users are allowed to input data in order to determine their finals schedule as well as when they are available to study. Finally, Bootstrap was used to refine the look of the user interface

Challenges we ran into

We originally wanted to upload the data into a calendar format. However, this proved to be exceedingly difficult. However, we were still able to show the data in the console.

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