YouTube is the leading (and only) medium through which the public can learn anything without a live instructor. However, the current prevalence and quality of 3D video is severely lacking in realism, making it difficult to near impossible to learn proper physical form (e.g. a golf swing). 

As streetdancers ourselves, we have experienced first-hand the need for learning a physical technique without the proper resources available. Now, with only a webcam and an Oculus Rift development kit, anyone willing to learn can become a student, and anyone willing to teach can become an instructor with FinalForm.

Using a frontal video stream, FinalForm will map and track a skeletal representation of the user's body. The skeletal joint data will then be translated into a 3D Oculus environment in real-time wherein their limb movements are mimicked. Lastly, FinalForm will then project targets into the environment for the user to reach and touch, thus teaching them perfect form.

Step 1: your webcam maps your skeleton
Step 2: Steve Jobs Oculus shows how to move
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Reach your final form
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