Abstract: Alarm Clock with Lights.

The alarm clock will sound at certain pre-set times, and have a different light for each different time at which it is set to sound off. The parts we will need are: An arduino, LEDs, an RTC module, a buzzer, some resistors, some wires, a breadboard, and possibly a small lcd screen to display the time. We will have a variable called alarm time, and the code will check the time every minute (or another reasonable set time step), when the the time matches alarm time, the alarm will sound. Variables will be assigned to each of the LED colours also, and so when the time matches the corresponding LED, it will light up. If we decide to go with the lcd, it will display the date and time. By April 3rd, we should have a working prototype- the basics of the code, and the circuit By April 17th, the design should be complete.

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