We came about this idea as it is Halloween season, hence the perfect time to justify watching bad horror movies. Together with our need for simple entertainment, we decided that creating a text based horror game was the way to go. The simplicity that this entails, enables us to explore the story line further, which is what we wanted to achieve. However, it was not good enough to make a standard horror game. That is too predictable. Together, we decided to go down a different path, a path that all students relate to, since we are mostly all students here. With the help of plenty of memes, we decided that true horrors lie in what we cannot avoid in our day to day lives. This is how this idea was formed.

What it does

Navigate through the story line using inputs in the console. Be careful of the choices you make, as there are many traps that will result in death. Explore the different paths, but escape only after finding the secret number, that is given as clues throughout the game.

How we built it

This was built using multiple functions in python, each function used many if else statements to lead us through the different paths. Libraries were also used to import images that were used for jump scares.

Challenges we ran into

One of the major challenges that we faced, was trying to playback sound from a file. Many different methods were explored, however, all lead to errors (this is actually the real horror of a comp sci student...). This was particularly challenging as we are all new to python. Despite knowing other languages, we decided to challenge ourselves by using an unfamiliar language to code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the code written to output the pop up window and the intricate story line

What we learned

we learned that we still have a lot to learn with python and better organisation. Timing random numbers and images in python as well

What's next for Final Destination: Student Edition

try exploring different ways to include interactions between the user and the game, and also try to code this in java to further complicate the game

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