A lot of college students struggle with budgeting and financing, since many of us are new to living independently. We wanted to streamline the process to make it more convenient for anyone to become more responsible for their assets. We were also interested in learning about blockchain because of its recent surge of popularity from Bitcoin, so we thought that this project would be a perfect fit for our team.

What it does

Users are able to add entries of their budget and expenses, which our app parses and stores as user data. Our app's current capabilities are not able to dynamically update the graph, but we are able to save the user's entries to Blockstack's decentralized storage Gaia, which is secure because of the multiple authentications required by Blockstack.

How we built it

We built the app through Blockstack, React, and a lot of trial and error :)

Challenges we ran into

We really struggled to integrate the different APIs. Since Blockstack doesn't have many resources online yet, we had to keep on experimenting to make our product work. Most of us are complete beginners to JavaScript as well, so it took us a lot of time to familiarize ourselves with the language and actually implement it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

There were times during the night when we almost gave up because the project seemed impossible to finish, but we pushed through and are now demoing! We are proud that we created our very own decentralized app that has great potential.

What we learned

We learned React and Blockstack from scratch and built a working product using minimal starter code.

What's next for FIN-S

Future capabilities we want to implement include sorting by date, price, or category, inputting financial information for entire households, and using data science to analyze average prices based on a user's location. In addition, we would like to incorporate more features that target college students, such as asking our users to input their tuition, housing fees, and work-study job salaries. Our project can be easily expanded and improved upon.

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