We recognise that there is a lack of interest among pre-graduates in the accounting profession. Therefore, our proposed solution aims to provide pre-graduates an accurate glimpse into the accounting profession in a manner that is appealing and engaging while fulfilling its informative function.

What it does

Game Info: Mockup: (live & on-going) Synopsis: 1) Six playable executive roles that use accounting functions 2) selection of roles accompanied by a small explanatory tutorial on the responsibilities and goals of each role 3) a series of scenarios that puts into play the role of accounting in decision-making processes 4) Individual and team performance evaluated and graded in the form of a Balanced Score-Card

How I built it

1) We first did a paper prototype of the screens. 2) We translated some of the paper screens to Marvel App. 3) We did a sequential flow of the gameplay using the Marvel App. It is now a running mock-up accessible online: 4) When time permits, we are developing the engine on Ruby-on-Rails. 5) We have not decided what to use as scripting language for our UX yet. 6) We will use Solidity for BlockChain stuff. 7) We should be using R Studio for data analytics for now because it is easier to use for beginners. 8) At some points, we are looking at integrating with Python and Tunity and Hadoop, etc.

Challenges I ran into

1) Number-crunching is still a significant aspect of the accounting profession, and might not capture the interest of pre-graduates. 2) Proposal has to be informative and yet engaging and interesting 3) Vast information about financial and management accounting used in game has to be adjusted and adapted to be easily absorbed by pre-graduates 4) Limited time frame given for brainstorming and consolidation of ideas

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

1) Having members of varying accounting and technical backgrounds provided a holistic approach to discussing ideas and solutions 2) Despite the limited time frame, we were able to come up with a solution that is feasible and viable.

What I learned

1) The key to effectively solving a problem is to question and define it thoroughly before brainstorming solutions to answer those questions. 2) Having an open mind to learning new things is important 3) Team synergy is a valuable team asset.

What's next for Fin Mania Hub

1) Tier 1: Gamification a) The use of serious games to provide pre-graduates active engagement in learning about the accounting profession

2) Tier 2: Tokenomics a) Token Exchange b) Tokens can be introduced as a virtual currency that can be used for various transactions, which includes: c) Certification d) Content Marketplace

3) Tier 3: Analytics a) Simulated Pilot Study b) Data Analytics c) VR Board Meetings d) Profiling

Built With

  • ruby-on-rails
  • python
  • javascript-/-angularjs-/-nodejs
  • marvel-app
  • solidity
  • r-studio-/-tunity-/-hadoop-for-data-analytics-stuff.
  • r-studio-/-tunity-/-hadoop-for-data-analytics-stuff
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