With 8.4 million unbanked U.S. households or about 14.1 million adults, we felt there was an urgent need for a financial learning platform for college students, unbanked adults, small businesses, or large companies.

What it does

Fin-Life is an educational platform for learning basic financial products such as loans, mortgages and checking accounts and more advanced topics including derivatives and futures trading. On top of literature to learn about financial topics, there is also a sandbox section called Trade where users can practice buying and selling shares of companies using a pre-determined cashflow.

How we built it

Fin-Life was built using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and the framework Bootstrap. We also utilized a trading simulator built in Javascript in jQuery for Trade.

Challenges we ran into

Within our sandbox section Trade, we had difficulty limiting the number of 0's following the decimal for the cash and portfolio values. We also had difficulty finding financial API's that provided historical data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Implementing Trade was a great learning experience because going into this project, we didn't have a strong javascript foundation.

What we learned

We both learned a lot about front-end development design by using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

What's next for Fin-Life

In the future, we would like to use recurrent neural networks (RNN) and integrate automated trading for users based on the long short term memory (LSTM) model.

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