Trying to manage our family's finances is hard. We built Dolly to help.

What it does

Right now Dolly helps people manage and understand their spend.

How we built it

Sticks and stones afterwork.

Testing with family and friends.

Integrating Plaid to get access to spend records.

The skill it built using javascript which talks to a backend LAMP stack with the help of Plaid to connect us to our user's financial institutions.

Challenges we ran into

Deciding whether or not to include the Amazon Alexa Skills Kit Sound Sheep Bleat #3. We decided yes!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud of how quickly Dolly responds to our questions and how quickly she can send an email to a user with their transaction history.

What we learned

There is a lot of untapped potential for voice-first interfaces and experiences that are supported by a screen. Alexa could make it easier to test paid subscription services.

What's next for Dolly Financial

We want to keep testing and building onto Dolly. We want to make Dolly more conversational, add features, and maybe launch a company.

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