Fin-der is an multi-faceted app that seeks to help financial advisers, those seeking financial advisers, and regulatory agencies such as FINRA through a Tinder-like app. The app lets those seeking financial advisers to quickly and easily browse through a wide array of nearby financial advisers derived from FINRA's extensive data set. In turn, financial advisers can find potential clients and regulatory agencies such as FINRA can benefit from user swipe data. An administrative panel webapp clearly depicting this data is provided.

The features include the following

  • Only nearby financial advisers will be suggested
  • Swipe left or right to filter out the financial advisers you don't like based on the data provided about them
  • Simple, fluid design and pretty animations
  • Keep a record of the financial advisers you swipe right
  • See the "best" and "worst" financial advisers in terms of swipe score
  • All the data is clearly displayed in a pretty table for evaluation

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