The theme of the hackathon was Selfies so the first thing which came in my mind was building an AR filter for Instagram and it seemed super cool. I was excited to learn how to do so as I had no idea before.

What I made

I made two effects for Instagram and Facebook. The first one is "Blahaj Underwater" which is a super cool underwater effect with Blahaj tattoos on your cheeks which change with a tap! The other one is what I call "typeof(person@hackathon)", the name is pretty self-explanatory!

How I built it

I used Photoshop, Canva and Blender to make the images, graphics and normal maps, and used Spark AR by Facebook to build the AR effects. I scripted visually using SparkAR's patch editor. In the end I published the filters but it takes a few days for Facebook to review the filters and add them so I made testing links which are below. (valid for 50 uses in the next 24 hours)

Challenges I ran into

I had never used SparkAR before and had never made any filters earlier. I am also very new to creating normal maps in blender so it was super hard. Also it was hard understanding how the face meshes and blend modes worked so I had redo a lot of the work more than 5 times.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Well, the filters work super well and they look pretty good too. I achieved a super satisfying result in the end and I'm proud that I overcame all of my challenges.

What I learned

I learnt a lot about SparkAR and Blender.

What's next for SelfiEffects

Filters on multiple people and more effects.

Built With

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