There were many instances when we needed to know how many hours were logged over a particular set of issues. Unable to easily get that information, we wanted to create a plugin to gather the data and display it in an appealing way.

What it does

The Filtered Budget Burnup Chart calculates all the work completed for any project or filter and displays the results in an easy-to-read chart. Users also have the ability to show remaining estimates, show a trend line, or set a budget goal.

How I built it

Filtered Budget Burnup Chart was built over the course of several weeks using the Atlassian SDK, Java, JavaScript, jquery, and html.

Challenges I ran into

The algorithms to retrieve and display remaining estimates properly proved to be more difficult than we thought.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our team has greatly improved our knowledge of the Atlassian SDK. We've created a plugin that will be highly useful in our own organization and wanted to release it to the marketplace for others to benefit from.

What I learned

One of our team members is a new developer and has learned a lot about the Atlassian software as well as improving their coding practices.

What's next for Filtered Budget Burnup Chart

Our team is currently in the early stages of created a connect version for this plugin. We are also open to adding new features in the future.

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