Currently these systems are very expensive and we want an easy solution for poorer countries available now.

What it does

It provides clean filtered air into the face-mask. This stops any air trying to get in.. as it uses positive air pressure and is much safer than an N95 mask. Also it is re-useable

How I built it

Using information and parts I have sourced and 3d printed here, while being in isolation for the past 6 weeks :)

Challenges I ran into

Filter supplies Clean sterilisable parts medical staff awareness and supply

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works and is very cheap.

What I learned

That to make a better solution and save lives needs a team of smart people all focussed on the one goal.

What's next for Filtered Air - Pressurised Respirator

Building more and testing them in hospitals.

We started this one month ago after seeing Johnny's Awesome work on YouTube

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