Impact Networking manages 594 Meraki networks across the nation. Impact has begun to include Umbrella with many of its clients to augment the protection for our roaming end points when those clients are not in the office. One of our field network engineers reached out and asked if there was a way to copy the Filtered Categories, Whitelists, and Blacklists from Meraki to Umbrella. We realized a method to do this did not exist. Shortly after we heard about the Meraki Hackathon and knew exactly what we wanted to work on!

The team was assembled between our Enterprise Development, Managed IT Operations, and Managed Security to make this idea into a reality. The first question was what we are coding this on, with contributors from different backgrounds and different experience this was not a simple question. The network teams were more accustomed to hacking away with Powershell, CURL, PHP and Python, while our enterprise development team was experienced in .Net and low code platforms such as Mendix. After outlining the requirements and the timeframe we opted to go with Mendix!

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