Inspired by the absolute creative genius that is James Cowley who looked at Amex and thought "huh, movies".

What it does

FilmSpottr shows you nearby locations where films were shot.

How we built it

We made Python scripts to scrape location addresses from IMDb and to call the Google Maps geocoding API and obtain [lat,lon] pairs for each location. The resulting dataset was cleaned up and formatted to JSON, hosted alongside the webapp built with React on an AWS S3 bucket and secured using CloudFront. Any smartphone can access the webapp in a browser and see film locations nearby.

Challenges we ran into

The Google Maps geocoding API limits free access to 2,500 requests per day. This wasn't enough for the hundreds of thousands of locations we could have requested, so we had to limit ourselves to a smaller demo set of UK locations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The minimalist aesthetic of the app and its user-friendliness.

What we learned

There's an awful lot of cool stuff you can get the internet to do for you for free.

What's next for FilmSpottr

IPO in late December with a predicted market cap of $3.5bn

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