Filmed in NYC is a free mobile application for Windows Phone 7 devices. It finds and displays locations, near you, where films scenes were made in New York City. The application uses a data set from the Mayor's Office of Film, Theater, and Broadcasting. When the application starts it shows a city map centered at the phone’s location. Map pushpins show file locations. The user may zoom and scroll the map. If the phone is outside New York the map will center on the closest place in the city to the actual location. If the user taps on a pushpin a screen will be shown with additional information about the film: year, maker and other locations. If another location is selected the map will change to show it. If the film maker is selected, other films they made in New York are shown with their locations. Also the user may go to the IMDB web site for the film or film maker. Films may also be found by searching by title.

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