Inspiration Most young students and professionals who move out of their hometowns often have a hard time staying in touch with their families and vice versa.

What it does Mobile App for families with the following features -

  1. Availability Checker - We use the UIPath Scheduler to go through all family member's calendars (and in the future versions, we use location data to determine the user is busy or available to chat) and we notify users that the family member is now available to catch up

  2. Memory Prompts - Record, Recall and Share. Record Memories - Notifications based on your location data to prompt you to ensure that you record new memories from your day to day life to share

  3. Sunday CheckIns - Share and Recieve

Share - This gets packaged into a collection of things that happened last week and things you wanna do next week with your family which you would volunteer information in on Sunday morning. -- Lookback - We use Google Cloud AutoML Vision API to cluster images from the past week (time and location data) as well as keyword detection to suggest/curate top images and videos that you might want to share with your family -- Schedule - Share events that are already on your calendar or otherwise that you're looking forward to -- Feelings - Emotional support is key in developing stronger bonds is an important psychological need which you can share through a simple emoji

Recieve - You get all the pods' CheckIns as a packaged information on Sunday evenings.

Challenges we ran into and what we learned Learning everything from scratch - Figma, APIs, Cloud, UIPath and debugging (Hardware JK :P)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of Everything <3

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