- Vulcan Learning for Humans

An exclusive personal learning club that enables humans to learn as quickly and efficiently as Vulcans - utilizing Dolby 3D in VR - and magical AR.

We present a “new kind of mnemonic”: VR acoustic + Dolby 3D directional + AR tactile feedback

Using Wolfram Development Platforms's vast knowledge domain and easy Cloud Object API Function deployments, we allow humans to create their own customized learning curricula. The human can study for any topic with Vulcan speed - from recognizing organic chemistry to countries of Africa to the most interesting domain names registered with .club!

(We have cached a selection of topics on Clusterpoint databases - with a server endpoint using Linode and IBM Bluemix.)

With each prompt, the card plays at a particular musical location in the 3D sphere. The human must find it and unlock it by saying the answer.

The more adept the human is at learning the topic, the more normal-speed the song plays - the Vulcan Academy recommends continued practice until the human can get the rhythm right and at a respectable pace that fits the song.

Human learning is enhanced by tactile touch, so our system also works to Vulcan-mind-enhance traditional flashcards: In “Vulcan Reality Mode” we enable humans to see what we Vulcans can very easily see, but also enhanced with tactile-audio.

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