We were researching the social issues that Boston is currently facing when we noticed that homelessness went up 14% in the past year. Then we started talking about homeless shelters, and their supplies and the quality of the donations they receive, when we were hit with the idea for our project.

What it does:

On the website or the app, when you click on a shelter’s name, it will take you to their designated page, where you can see how stocked up they are on certain items. Then you can make donations based on what they actually need. The goal here is to increase donations of items that shelters will find useful, and limit the donation of items that will go to waste.

How we built it:

Wordpress is the platform the website is hosted on. The database is Microsoft SQL Database, hosted through Microsoft's Azure. The mobile app was created using Adobe XD.

Challenges we ran into:

There were several hurdles for each step of creating Project FillEmUp! For one thing, the wifi issues prevented us from downloading and installing vital programs, such as Visual Studio and XCode. This caused us to downgrade from doing a web-app and IOS app to just doing a web site and demo app. There was also a major problem with presenting the data from the SQL database on the website, and ultimately we were only able to display the data using a local host.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

Honestly, we're very proud of the concept we came up with, as well as the fact that we are able to submit anything at all. We worked with many technologies for the first time this weekend.

What we learned:

We learned how to create and deploy an application using Azure, as well as how to build a SQL Database from scratch. We also learned the basics of developing with XCode. There were small lessons too, like learning the difference between web apps and web sites. Finally we learned how to create a php webpage using localhost.

What's next for FillEmUp!:

Ideally, FillEmUp! would expand beyond just shelters in Boston. The GPS capabilities would be improved, so that people can get directions to their nearby shelters instead of just seeing their locations on maps. In the far future, a points system could be implemented for regular users, and the app would be expanded so that large corporations would have accounts and make donations as well.Hopefully, Shelters would be so overwhelmed with donations, that our project would become obsolete. :)

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