We realise that the current calendar apps and task management apps (to-do lists) do not integrate well enough to maximise our productivity. Often, other than toggling between 2 separate apps, we need to take an additional step of finding the files, URLs or emails that we need to perform the individual tasks. So why don’t we organise our tasks/to-do lists according to calendar events? and furthermore, why don’t we allow users to tag the resources they need to perform the tasks directly on the calendar?

What it does:

Daylist integrates to-do lists into individual calendars. Within each calendar event on Daylist, users are able to plan the sequence of tasks for that event and access the resources (such as files, URLs or emails) required to perform each of these tasks.

Won 1st place for Microsoft Office 365 Sponsor Challenge at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2015.

Video Pitch Demo:

Featured on Enterprise SPARKS Issue 8: Coming Out Tops at Crunch Time.

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