Sending large video files sucks. You have to upload a large file and your friend has to download it before he can even play it! Wouldn't it be awesome to have a friend watch your video instantly, just streaming live?

How it works

Go to the sender page and enter email of friend and pick file to send. An email will be sent to receiver with a link to the receiver page where he can play the file live! Video mp4 files and Music mp3 files are streamed in real time. Pictures are previewed. All other files are downloaded.

Challenges I ran into

Mobile playback sometimes is error prone. Send-Anywhere doesn't seem to support HTTP file-range bytes download. This will allow skipping around movie and song playback;

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Live video streaming without uploading!

What I learned

SendAnywhere is awesome! Mobile is hard.

What's next for SendAnywhere

Launch it live! Support more streaming formats.

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