After getting frustrated with downloading and then uploading the same file to Onedrive/ Sharepoint/ Google Drive/ Dropbox multiple times, I decided to write this app to ease my work since I had the knowledge of SharePoint Apps and Office 365 Addins.

What it does

Files is a simple app that reads attachments in your email and then uploads them to your selected cloud storage service.

How I built it

The app is built as an Outlook Addin that runs on both Outlook Desktop and Outlook Web Client. It uses Angular and TypeScript for the front end and ASP.Net Core for the back end. The app also leverages on Microsoft Graph and EWS 2.0 API.

Challenges I ran into

My main challenge was access to relevant documents with regards to this platform and very little developer activities such as hackathons and dev summits around Microsoft stack development in Kenya.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Well, being able to learn and use the new Microsoft Graph, SharePoint and Office 365 addins is one my greatest achievements. The challenges were immense but I was able to overcome them and I work as a developer with said platforms.

What I learned

Using Microsoft Grpah and host of other technology stack that work together to power Files

What's next for Files

Am planning to support to more cloud storage options and build a pro version that seamlessly uploads all files to multiple storage locations.

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