This project was inspired by one of our group members. As they do not have Discord nitro nor any other convenient means of sending large files to their friends, we have decided to solve this ourselves

What it does

FilePortal basically creates a temporary session between two people and allows them to choose any file they would like to share and it will be sent to the other person immediately in real time

How we built it

The front end of the web app was created in react.js. We used node.js to help communicate with our back end, a C++ server.

Challenges we ran into

We faced countless challenges when creating this project. The problem of how we will communicate between the web app and the C++ server was a big problem as node.js does not have many ways of doing this. Other problems we faced include difficulty in deploying the web app, and due to time constraints and many errors we were not able to fully implement the ability to transfer files from the phone to

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to quickly transfer gigabyte-sized files from one person to another through our project.

What we learned

This was a great learning experience as we learned a lot about the development process and the amount of work it takes to create a project of this scale.

What's next for FilePortal

We hope to eventually be able to integrate Twilio into our project to allow people to text files from their phones to their desktops.

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