I forked the Ocean Market and integrated a Filecoin uploader (using the textile buckets API), making it much easier for users to upload their data to the marketplace.

Check it out, run "yarn install" and "yarn start". You will see the ocean marketplace as you know it. When you click publish, you can now see "Upload to filecoin" above the file inputs. Clicking it will open your file browser where you can choose a file. Choose a file and notice the input loader is spinning while the file is uploading as I fully integrated the process into the react state. When the file is done uploading to filecoin, the textile url of the file is automatically filled into the url input. You can now click "Add file" as usual and proceed with your publication. Looking at the url, you can see that the file has been properly uploaded.

Finally, I preserved the commits history so if you like this integration, you can simply merge it into the original repo.

Built With

  • filecoin
  • ocean
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