We thought it would really come in handy to be able to view files right in Bitbucket instead of downloading and viewing them on your computer. So we got excited and built a 3D, Map, Table, PDF viewers.

What it does

File Viewer for Bitbucket Cloud allows you to view your 3D models, geographic data structures, PDF and CSV files directly on Bitbucket pages.

It's a pack of viewers that includes:

  • Autodesk Viewer - files with 2D and 3D design data (over 30 types of files are supported) are presented as interactive models - a real catch for those working with 3D design
  • 3D Viewer - STL files are rendered as interactive 3D models
  • Map Viewer - GEOjson files are displayed as maps you can zoom
  • Table Viewer - CSV and TSV files are presented as tables with sorting by column
  • PDF Viewer - PDF files can be viewed on your Bitbucket pages

How I built it

Bitbucket REST API, 3D models visualization with, Play! 2, javascript, java, scala, View and Data API, Autodesk A360 Viewer API

Challenges and Accomplishments

Learnt about 3d modelling and visualization in browser, worked on integration with Autodesk 360 API

What's next for File Viewer for Bitbucket Cloud

We are looking forward to feedback and are considering ways of further add-on development at the moment.

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