UiPath has many activities unfortunately till now it don't have for file compress.

What it does

This custom activity is a single stop point for all file purge activities (Delete, Move, Copy and Compress&Move). Based on user selection this custom activity will act. The core logic is, it will evaluate cut of days which is given by user with file / folder created date if the condition is true then selected purge action will be performed and end result return as boolean as well as status message. Add on that, It will create destination folder if not exist and result file will be uniquely named by adding datetime.

How I built ite

It is build in C#

Challenges I ran into

I faced challenges to apply new changes and update nuget package and install new version in UI path

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Gained more energy to do deep learn about UIPath

What I learned

Custom control creation

What's next for File Purger - Custom Activity

Constructing project template like REFramework

Built With

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