Have you ever wanted to use "git" but not really understood where your files go when you "git" them? Do you fully understand what happens when you "merge commit"? No, do you? Really?

What if you could get all the benefits of using the command line:

  • Look like a hacker
  • No one will try to bother you
  • Finger workout

...and also all the benefits of the file browser?:

  • see your entire file history in one place
  • no need to "switch" branches, see it all at once
  • Descriptive names like "File1_real(3).jpg", much easier to understand than an ugly a681fe4 hash

If you're just an Average Joe who wants to have actual control over your files, try file-fantasy! Use the git commands you wish you knew and loved, to produce tangible results all in one folder. If you mess something up really bad, don't bother with revert and rebase commands: just open up all the files and delete what you don't need.

Life is too complicated. Why make it worse? Honest software like this is the future. And it's distributed - just zip up the entire folder, mail it to your coworkers and let them use file-fantasy to pick up where you left off.

We're on npm! Check out how to get started at https://github.com/davepagurek/file-fantasy . Run npm install -g @davepagurek/file-fantasy and then run ff to get started!

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