In a gig economy where people have multiple streams of income and more flexibility than ever, staying financially organized is not just good practice, it’s a necessity. We wanted to support the modern freelancer by providing a platform to keep track of all of their professional commitments, sort by clients, set goals, and see progress.

What it does

Users can register or log in and are brought to a dashboard that displays their estimated monthly revenue. They can set goals within the app and manage their jobs and job progress. They can send quotes and invoices, keep track of clients, and bill for services. We also generate annual reports with useful statistics and a visual representation of the last 12 months.

How we built it

Our frontend was made using vue js and our backend was made using node js. We used capacitor js to port vue js code to mobile, vuetify for component styling and vuex for global state management.

Challenges we ran into

Some issues we ran into were about managing state effectively, and with the mobile styling in the browser using Vue. Figuring out how to share code was also an issue but we resolved that fairly quickly by using a combination of github and webstorm live coding.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was our first time ever using capacitor js. We were able to build a fully functional and responsive mobile app that can run natively on ios and android on a time constraint! We all learned so much, and are really happy with how our UI turned out. We also think we had the coolest set up in the room (we were the team with the extra monitor).

What we learned

We learned Vuejs and how to use vuetify to style components. Some of us had never really done much work with frontend, so there was definitely a learning curve there.

What's next for FiLance

Some things that we plan to work on in the future include generating income reports for tax purposes and finding a way to connect payment methods directly within the app. We also plan to do lead generation and trend analysis as well as hourly rate tracking.

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