As small multi-disciplinary design and development team, we have tried many of the existing tools that were available that promised to bridge the gap between design, development and product. Unfortunately, none of them actually did. We were limited by the lack of basic functionality and a complex licensing issues that made it very difficult to work with. For Figma for Jira PRO, we aimed to build an app that would allow anyone in a Jira project to work with Figma designs that would actually help and even encourage close collaboration between designers and developers.

What it does

Figma for Jira PRO allows Jira users to attach Figma designs right into Jira issues, whether that's a single frame of a webpage, or each of the buttons that are part of your design system. All you need to do is to right click your Figma frame, press Copy Link and paste in into the Figma for Jira PRO field on your Jira issue and click Add. Every time you open the Jira issue with the Figma frame attached to it, the app uses the official Figma API to fetch the latest version of your design and allow you to preview it as a vector file in a full screen window. Thanks to the vector file, you can preview designs at any zoom level you wish.

Thanks to the advanced Admin section of the app, Jira administrators remain fully in control of the access keys, Figma files and are able to quickly troubleshoot any connectivity issues. This makes the app a true enterprise ready application.

How we built it

Thanks to our growing library of templates and frameworks for Atlassian apps, we have been able to build the app in iterative fashion.

Challenges we ran into

The easier you make the user experience, the more difficult it is to build it, especially if you want to offer a complete offering that is not limited to embedding a public URL. This challenged us big time but thanks to quick feedback loops and early prototyping we've managed to accomplish a result that has proven to be of great help for some of our early customers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

With Figma for Jira PRO we have been able to build something that not only enables us to collaborate better and faster, but also others. It's very inspiring and almost addictive to build something and find out countless of other teams were in need of what you build.

What we learned

By using some of the early prototypes ourselves in our own team we have been able to iterate early and often, and create something that not only has great features but is also a breeze to use. If an app does not actually improve a process, it's useless. We've learned that there's great demand for apps that exceed expectations.

What's next for Figma for Jira PRO

We are continuing to invest in the app to build the best vehicle for design and development collaboration for Jira and Figma.

Built With

  • collabsoft-ui-kit
  • connect
  • figma
  • jira
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