I love building apps to save the world but sometimes its great to just build something that's fun and absolutely ridiculous. So my friend and I decided to take his echo dot and my google home and turn them into trash talking robots.

On a slightly serious note, the symbolism behind the robot battle was drawn from our experiences with Big Tech companies. Both Google and Amazon are enlargened monopolies that tend to focus more on their egos of being the best and outwitting the other. But that sometimes comes with risk, especially when they forfeit their focus on making themselves stand out and think less about the concerns for the stakeholders they effect. Pride is what we will examine further in this demonstration.

What it does

First thing I did was make a quick web app in flask that lets people choose a team. If you're team Google you get to add jokes to a list that the google home with use to trash talk the echo dot, and vice versa if you're team Amazon. We also used Arduinos to build robot chases to put them on to actually fight!

How we built it

Flask for the webapp Node for Alexa and Google skills C for the Arduino

Challenges we ran into

The first servos I used to rotate the wheels were 180 when they needed to be 360. Getting the Google Monster to move forward (UPDATE: the weight of its head was impeding most movement) Running through AWS

Accomplishments that we're proud of

BUILT FROM SCRATCH FROM ROBOTS Used two different cloud platforms

What we learned

Google NO MATTER what is the best. (Ask Lugo in person for WHY)

These companies do have the capabilities of creating great technology (incorporating Google Home and Amazon Alexa). We were able to instruct the robots to talk to each other for rounds which we've never seen executed before.

What's next for Fighter Bots

Whoever wins the Robot Battle will go on to face the winner Apple XR Tyroid and Microsoft Exploding Machine

Built With

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