Our inspiration for our website came from Apple and Microsoft. We wanted to mimic their performance that was developed onto their own website as well as the features that are embedded. Additionally, we created an app that will send notifications every 30 minutes. Our inspiration for our app came from the daily life routine of parents and teenagers as people are on their phones. With the download of an app, we remind people to wash their hands.

What it does

The website that we created provides information about the details of Covid-19. We wanted to inform readers who aren't taking this epidemic seriously and we found that using a website would be the best way to do it. The website includes a game feature that reflects today's society of social distancing. Additionally, we have added a facts page that goes more in detail about Covid-19. Our app shows examples as well as gives details about Covid-19. Our app helps provide knowledge of the current information of the virus as well as a notification system that informs you to wash you hands.

How we built it

The website was built using VSCODE. Both Atharva and I are comfortable using VSCODE as it has a useful feature of live-sharing. This is how we contributed together as we wrote the program together and collaborated using Face-time. The website was built using html, css, and Javascript. We implemented JavaScript for the interactive game. Additionally, we added html for the basis of the website and css for styling and making it visually appealing. For the app, we coded the app using Swift in Xcode.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges we ran into during the website was the interactive game. As we are beginners, we wanted to exceed our expectations and really challenge ourselves. We wanted to stand out and we implemented a game on our website. We took the knowledge that we have learned and worked around the challenges of the game. We had a tough time with the scoring factor of the game. Additionally, with our teamwork, we worked through the challenge of styling. We had a tough time fixing some mistakes, but we managed to create a website that is both attractive and useful to the public. For our app we had the challenge of repeating the notification of wash your hands every 30 minutes; however, we figured out the mistake and quickly finished our app project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The accomplishments that we are proud of is overall the game. With our knowledge, we are not too advanced in game development. Seeing others on Slack working hard inspired us to challenge ourselves and build an efficient game as well as a multi-form factor website. We are proud of the website that we have created over the course of this hackathon. Additionally, we are most proud of the app as it completely works on the notification intervals. We were struggling on that aspect, however, we figured out our mistakes and pulled through.

What we learned

Throughout the course of hackathon, we learned how animation brings clarity into the website and attract viewers. We found some cool features that we could add using Javascript as well as how to make the website very noteworthy. We also learned how to use CSS in a way that it makes the website more natural and lively.

What's next for Fight_Against_Covid

The next steps for Fight_Against_Covid is to add a login page. We want to establish a platform on this website and add more features onto the game that will attract more attention. Our goal as we created the website is to spread awareness and not to take Covid-19 as a joke. Our next steps will be to add features and make the website more user interactive as well as add design elements for attractiveness. Finally, we want to add more features to the app and add more attractiveness that will attract people toward the app.

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