Fight Vote is an app which engages fans before and during MMA (mixed martial arts) competitions using their cell phones and smart TVs. MMA fans vote and discuss the outcomes of upcoming MMA matchups, and then watch an accentuated live broadcast of those fights, updating fans in real-time with the accuracy of their voting. MMA fans gain points for getting the correct votes, competing against their friends in the same room, or against MMA fans on the other side of the world.

First, vote using our Fight Vote mobile application (both iPhone and Android are supported). Go to and register using Facebook, and then vote on the upcoming matchups. You can optionally join a group by clicking the "groups" button, and then entering in the name of a group you want to join or create.

Next, install FightVote on your Samsung SmartTV. Launch the app, noticing that you can use the blue button to display the scoreboard, and the green button to pick a group. Enable the scoreboard by pressing the blue button. Then, set the group using the green button, and the arrow keys. Instructions are displayed underneath the keyboard.

When the matchups have started, watch the Fight Vote scoreboard on the TV as it is updated in real-time, indicating who correctly predicted the outcome of the matchups. At the end of the card, you’ll see the top player for the day at the top of the list. If you want to temporarily hide the scoreboard, press the blue button to hide it, and press the blue button once more to display it again.

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