Looking at the suffering of a twelve-year-old cousin of mine, who has been diagnosed with cancer, we have come up with this project "Fight On".

First, it has an AI based ML project which detects whether or not a tumour is cancerous. Then, we have a website which promotes awareness about cancer in children. Finally, we have an app which connects children suffering from cancer so that they can supoort and share their experiences with each other.

The AI project was built using python in Google collab. The website has been developed using HTML and CSS. The app has been built using MIT app inventor.

On uploading our video pitch on YouTube, it got distorted. Also, the network connectivity today was terrible. Nevertheless, it still works and we are happy to have finished the task.

Our website as well as our app have the potential to spread happiness and awareness and to change lives.

We learned that we can overcome any obstacle if we work together and are willing to learn.

We hope that we can release both the website and the app with the guidance of someone experienced like the organizers of this event and in the future, they can both be utilized to impact thousands.

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