As public school students from New York City, the closest issues having the most impact on us is school segregation. Therefore, we decided to create a project to inform others about the reality of school segregation and ways they can help to achieve full school integration.

What It Does:

First, we used figma to design our app. Then, we used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap in Replit to code our project.

Our project has four pages: the home page, learn page, quiz, and take action. In the home page, we start with a button that you can click for unknown facts about school segregation that may surprise many. Next, we have a quick description followed by a form for users to input ideas on how we can combat school segregation. After that, we have a call action and a button that is linked to our take action page.

Then, on the learn page, we have information about school segregation from the mid-1900s to present day because in order to take action, we must be informed on the issue. We start off with a slideshow, a description of Brown vs Board, the New York City School Boycott, Busing in the past (with a slideshow explaining what it is), and busing in current events (along with an embedded audio clip of the topic of busing.

Next, on the quiz page, we have a five question quiz about school segregation to inspire the viewer to learn about the topic since school segregation is always overlooked by many.

Finally, we have the take action page. We mention that NYC has the most school segregation to highlight this is not a small issue. Next, we linked five petitions to stop school segregation and enable full school integration. Then, we have a form you can fill out to get a customized letter to send to your congress members to have them advocate for school segregation. Finally, we have other ways you can advocate for school integration to buttons linked to resources.

How We Built It:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Replit, Figma

Challenges We Ran Into:

Our biggest challenge was making the website responsive to different devices. We used bootstrap and our Figma design to achieve that, but it took us a long time for us to understand bootstrap.

What's Next for Fight For School Integration:

More embedded features in the website to advocate for school integration

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