Started out as an exploratory take on the tank shooter beginner tutorial (on GDevevlop) but it evolved into a rapidly agile game with crowdsouced ideas.

What it does:

Basically a simple educational shooter game where coronaviruses are killed by cleaning and sanitising a table.

How I built it

I used GDevevlop and improvised from the tutorial. I adapted reusable media files from pixabay and built on ideas from fellow educators. The game evolved from a simpler version called War on Covid-19 which is also still in my dashboard.

Challenges I ran into:

There were some algorithms which I could not figure out in the software so I searched online through the wiki and the forum to gain insights and eventually got enlightened after testing and experimenting on variations and alternatives.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

Got many people involved and interested and even earned my first 'support' revenue from the development of this game through a contribution on the platform.

What I learned:

Anything is possible and even without deep coding backgrounds, an open source system and being open or willing to learn from others is key.

What's next for Fight COVID-19:

I hope to keep on improving on it and make it more user-friendly and engaging for gamers/players from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Built With

  • gdevelop
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