People globally suffer daily from COVID-19 related lockdowns, social isolation, and mental stresses associated with the pandemic. Imagine if you have a single stop shop for reducing stress`1 and help people, will it excite you? Obviously yes, and that is the source of our inspiration - to help better life during the pandemic.

Purpose of the Project

To provide better resources to the community reference to COVID 19 pandemic and spread virtual learning students to students and make them connected globally. We believe student to student learning approach saves cost for tutoring and student get approved volunteer hours.

what is your project Name?

Our project name is Fight Against COVID 19

Team members name?

Sally, Jane, Ashok and Philip

What it does?

Our project is a comprehensive website (hosted on Google cloud compute VM) that aims to support people during this difficult period of the pandemic. It covers aspects like general information about the pandemic, such as what it is and tips to prevent it, stress and anxiety-reducing tools, student learning virtual assistance and so on. Apart from that It can also provide personalized information and a visualized heat map regarding how the virus has spread in the web site visitor's community, facilitation of plasma donation by providing center location using QR code for potential donors (COVID-19 recovered persons).

Useful COVID-19 awareness tools-

Global live data Resources for Augmented Reality COVID-19 useful information and tools Geo-Location- COVID cases nearby your zip code Blood donation tools with QR Code generation

COVID-19 Awareness Games

Studnet to Studnet virtual learning tools

and get volunteer hours

Student Portal Teacher Student Portal Volunteer Hours Approval portal

Mental anxiety-reducing tools

Relax and Fun Video Games Art Music Indoor Games Sports

How I built it?

HTML5, JavaScript, Google Cloud API, Google Map, Track Corona API, Rapid API We use HTML and CSS to build the basic structure and layout of the overall website. For the personalized data about virus transmission in the community using Google map, we use Google Cloud API, API and javascript. We used pygame for sample game development.

The backend is developed using node.js. Web server is hosted on Google Cloud Platform Virtual Machine running Linux with a static IP address on port 8000

Challenges I ran into?

Since this is a comprehensive web site, time spent building different parts, it's integration into a final product was a significant challenge to overcome. While changing schedules, and obligations of the team members, time spent researching, and other time-consuming activities led to a tremendous time pressure resulting in rushed proposals. Exploring new technologies like QR code and Python game were fun but difficult to integrate.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of?

We have a single stop shop web site that can help the community up the fight against COVID-19 and still enjoy life while in relative isolation by reducing stress during the COVID19 Pandemic difficult times at the same time encouraging volunteering blood donation or aiding student studies.

What I learned?

This experience really honed our ability in learning something new and make use of it in a short period of time.

What's next for Fight Back Against COVID19?

We wanted to do more research with using Augmented Reality for COVID-19

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